• Student Voice

    What is Student Voice?

    Student Voice is about giving students a say. Think of it in terms of a company like Tesco. If customers weren't able to get access to the food they like, then the likelihood is they would  shop somewhere else. Tesco manage to keep customers happy by listening to their views and adapting and making changes to suit their customers needs. In terms of the college, you are the customer. It is your opinion that the college must listen to, and it is the college that has to adapt and change to suit its students.

    One key point to bare in mind is that no matter how small or trivial a particular issue may feel, or how others may react, the student union wants to hear from you. We have students at the heart of everything we do. The vast majority of any work we do comes directly from issues raised by students and without your input we are unable to function.

    What Can I voice?

    In 1 word ... Anything

    Some examples may include problems with the following:

    • Assessments
    • Course of study
    • Deadlines
    • Staff
    • Behaviour
    • IT Resources
    • Course materials
    • Bullying
    • Racism

    The list is endless and we value what we are told by students.

    Below is a video detailing the importance of student voice.

    Apologies in advance for the Americanisms but the points

    that are made are relevant all over the globe.

    • Class Reps

      chain of command

      What is a class rep?

      Class Reps are an integral part of the student experience here at the College. Your class rep will be elected at the beginning of the year once your class has settled in the first few weeks. The role's main responsibility is to be a link between the classes opinions and the Students' Union. You can bring forward the issues your students have surrounding the class, resources or even the College itself.

      What is a head rep?

      In the first class rep meetings head reps will be determined, who will represent each academic area. The head reps will act as the main communication point for the Class reps and will be in charge of gathering the views of class reps as well as informing them of any upcoming meetings. Head reps will meet approximately every 6 weeks to discuss any major issues that have arisen from the class rep meetings.

      How to become a class rep?

      During induction week your Progression Coach will talk to you about becoming a class rep. You can volunteer for this role through your Progression Coach or contact Student Engagement and Wellbeing Co-ordinator Louise Cuthbert on louise.cuthbert@eastdurham.ac.uk 

      • You Said We Did

        This is where you will find the outcomes from our class rep meetings and the actions that the college has taken to address any problems that may have been raised.

      • What do we offer?

        The Student Union offers a wide range of guidance, advice and services. These include:

        • C-Card Outlet, Sexual Health advice & NHS Sexual Health Screening

        • NUS Student Discount Cards 
        • Student Representation - Class Reps & Learner Consultations 
        • Housing/Homelessness Advice/Support
        • Outreach Stop Smoking Advisers 
        • LGBTQ Support Group
        • Facebook page 
        • Extra-Curricular Activities & Trips

        For more info contact Louise Cuthbert on louise.cuthbert@eastdurham.ac.uk or 0191 518 8207

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          • Upcoming Events

            Below is a list of up-coming events. For more info on any of the scheduled activities contact Louise Cuthbert your Student Engagement and Wellbeing Co-ordinator.

            Email: louise.cuthbert@eastdurham.ac.uk

            Phone: 0191 518 8207


            5th - Peterlee Freshers 

            6th - Houghall Freshers 

            Safeguarding/Prevent Briefing

            Contraception Awareness Week - mass C-Card sign up

            Class Rep Elections

            Each month Outreach Stop Smoking Workings will attend both Peterlee and Houghall Campuses.

            Each month an LGBTQ Group meets at Willerby Grove


            12th, 10th, 17th & 19th Prevent Event

            10th World Mental Health Day - Stamp it Out and NHS mental; health workers will be in college to offer advice and support and aim to end negative stereotypes of mental health. 

            Each week homelessness charity Moving On attend Willerby Grove and Houghall to support students

            Each month Stop Smoking Advisers attend Houghall and Peterlee

            Each month an LGBTQ group meets monthly


            11th Armistice Day students - will get involved across all campuses in remembering those who have given service to the country in all wars

            17th Anti Bullying Week - anti bullying advisers will be based across all campuses and students will work on positive anti-bullying messages in their tutorials

            17th Children in Need - students will get involved in all sorts of whacky and fun fundraising ventures


            1st World Aids Day: Poster campaigns and tutorials covered topics surrounding Aids 

            6th Quit Smoking Advice:  The college has fostered a pro-active relationship with Soloutions4Health Co Durham in which Outreach Stop Smoking Advisors attend all campuses on a half termly basis to promote their quit smoking campaign, taking referrals and offering more intensive 1-1 support.


            15th Cervical Cancer Awareness Week - nurses and trained health providers will attend all campuses to offer support and advice regarding issues around cervical cancer

            18th C-Card and Sexual Health Screening - learners given access to sexual health nurses to promote c-cards and local health provisions 


            5th LGBTQ Support Group

            6th Safer Internet Day and poster competition 

            22nd Student Governor Focus Group

            • Anti-Bullying

              East Durham College and The Students' Union share a zero tolerance approach to bullying. 

              If you, or someone you know, is being bullied please don't suffer in silence - your Student Union is here to help! You can talk to your Student Engagement and Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Louise Cuthbert or the Student Union President, Holly Lightowler.  They are friendly, easy to talk to and even if you just want a friendly face to speak with on a regular basis, they will be happy to oblige. 

              Email: louise.cuthbert@eastdurham.ac.uk

              Phone: 0191 518 8207

              Louise is based on the ground floor of the LRC at Willerby Grove and ask at reception in Houghall. 

              • Meet The Team

                Executive Team

                Student Union President: Holly Lightowler