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by Ellen FALLOW - Friday, 12 June 2020, 3:03 PM

Just a little update on the Association of Colleges Strava app, read more below!

Go The Distance

After a few teething problems on Monday with the App not recording peoples walks/ cycling, to the leaderboard (very frustrating) East Durham College Clubs have got off to a great start with 74 staff and students signed up on Monday to the current total of 87 by Wednesday for running/walking and 28 signed up for cycling on Monday to 34 by Wednesday.

By the end of day one on the running/walking leaderboard we were in 3rd place for staff/student engagement with 74 and 8th on the total distance with 66 miles completed out of 50 colleges participating.

By the end of day 2 we were in 2nd place on the leaderboard with 227 miles covered and 3rd place on the engagement of staff/students leaderboard with 85.

By the end of day 2, the top two positions on the club leaderboard are..... 1st place Louise Laverick covering 28.8km in two days and Martin Johns in 2nd place with 25.1km!

By the end of day one the cycling challenge leaderboard we in first place with 455 miles and we were in 2nd place with 28 student/staff engagement out of 40 colleges participating.

Day 2 we maintained our first position with 455 miles covered and moved to first position for staff/student engagement with 34!

By the end of day two on the club leaderboard, the top two positions are David Smith with 249.1km and Andy Blythe in 2nd position with 169.3km.

Kirsty Tate, Sports Lecturer has also set up a photo challenge within the AOC running/walking and cycling challenges for the students. The students have got to take a photo whilst on a run, walk or cycle, each week Kirsty is setting a different theme, this weeks theme is "most unusual". The winning photo will be chosen at the end of the week and they will be given a £5 amazon voucher, from the Sport England " You Can...We Can" project

It is amazing to see all staff and students taking part and engaging in this activity together, its one way we get to have the staff/students cheering each other on and a fantastic platform to use to stay in touch! If you are not already taking part there is still time and every mile helps!

#TeamEDC 🌟